Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Happy New Year With Facebook And WhatsApp

Social media has created an ease of communication these days. There was a time when people used to visit the house of their relatives and friends for greeting. After few years, they used sms services available in their mobiles to greet. Now, people are using smart phones along with internet connection. Thus, they can easily share their feelings and thoughts through Facebook and WhatsApp. These are the social sites and apps where you get connected with thousands of people around the globe. You can communicate with them in very low or no cost. Let us find out how to celebrate Happy New Year with Facebook and WhatsApp.

How To Celebrate Happy New Year With Fb and WhatsApp?

Happy New Year with Facebook
Happy New Year With WhatsApp

Do you know that New Year can be celebrated online? Yes, it is now possible with the launch of the social media websites and smart phone apps named as Facebook and WhatsApp. Facebook welcomes several posts throughout the day. People share their happiness as well as sorrows over here. During the eve of New Year, i.e. 31st of December, you can post good wishes to your friends along with pictures. Facebook authority will help you make videos online. You can post that too, over there. The happy New Year with Facebook and WhatsApp is a unique concept. Many people must have tried it. But, most of them don’t know that they are actually celebrating the special day with the social media.

Celebrating Happy New Year With WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a well-known social app that is used in the smart phones. Very few people are present in the society who does not use the WhatsApp. Today, along with its social importance, even the corporates are using this tool. They make departmental groups in WhatsApp and communicate with one another.  People celebrate the special day by sending messages to their friends and relatives personally and in groups. There was a time when people used to send messages. But today social media has become easily accessible. Also it is less costly. The happy New Year with Facebook and WhatsApp is non expensive in nature.

DP’s And Funny Post- Happy New Year Celebration

There are experts who make funny posts and messages on each special day. You will easily receive the same from your friends. You can now change your DP highlighting the quote for happy New Year. Place a DP which will show all positive energy and motivation for the upcoming year. Some people cuts cake and burn crackers on the eye of the New Year day. These activities can be posted on WhatsApp and Facebook. If you wish to reach more people in your community or outside the country, try to use the Facebook wall. You will get likes and comments from friends, relatives and other people around the world. This will make you happy and content. You can easily realize how well people are focusing on your posts. Happy New Year with Facebook and WhatsApp will be a hit. Try it on this New Year and enjoy.

Summary – New Year celebration means welcoming a new era of good luck. . Happy New Year with Facebook and WhatsApp has turned a huge hit at the moment.

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